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Smart Battery Testing Machine Battery Crush Test Chamber For Electronic Products

Cina KingPo Technology Development Limited Sertifikasi
Cina KingPo Technology Development Limited Sertifikasi
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Smart Battery Testing Machine Battery Crush Test Chamber For Electronic Products


Gambar besar :  Smart Battery Testing Machine Battery Crush Test Chamber For Electronic Products

Detail produk:
Place of Origin: china
Nama merek: KingPo
Sertifikasi: iso9001
Model Number: KP-BTC01S
Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Harga: To be quoted
Kemasan rincian: paket karton pengaman atau kotak kayu lapis
Waktu pengiriman: 35 hari kerja
Payment Terms: TT
Menyediakan kemampuan: 3 Set Per Bulan
Detil Deskripsi produk
Crush force: 1-19.6KN (g=9.81N/kg) Crush Speed: 1-20mm/s
Speed error: ±1% Crush space: 300 * 300 * 300mm
Crush surface: diameter 150mm
Cahaya Tinggi:

Battery Test Chamber


Battery Testing Equipment


Battery crush test chamber




This device is a new test chamber combined with temperature test chamber and crush test chamber. This device is design and manufactured accord to international standards UN38.3, IEC62133, IEC60086-4 etc., can simulate a temperature test environment, can also monitor detect the test result under this environment. It is a good choice for battery, capacitors, electronic products simulate test equipment.




Crush force system

Travel limit device

Voltage acquisition system

Temperature control system




Crush force: 1-19.6KN (g=9.81N/kg)

Crush Speed: 1-20mm/s

Speed error: ±1%

Crush space: 300 * 300 * 300mm

Crush surface: diameter 150mm

Crush force: 1-19.6KN (g=9.81N/kg)

Force error: ±1%

Displacement error: ±0.5%

Drive: hydraulic (L-HM46 oil)

Motor: servo motor

Test temperature: 0-100 centigrade

Temperature wave: ±0.5 centigrade

Temperature rise: 3 ℃ / min

Temperature cooling: 1 ℃/min

Voltage measure range: 0-50V

Voltage resolution: 1mV

Voltage acquisition frequency: max. 110Hz

Test time: 0-99hour

Data output: RS232

Language: En & Simplified Ch

Power supply: 380V 50Hz, 1.5KW

Plug: 5 round pins plug




Travel limit, voltage drop detecting function;

Test result can viewing and stored or print in computer;

Internal 1.5mm thickness stainless steel panel;

External 1.0mm thickness steel panel;

Protect against explosions;

Operation manual write in English language



Operation procedure




Suggest installing this equipment on a flat and stable ground or platform, in an environment of room temperature with 380V 50Hz power supply, and keep 1000mm away from other equipment and wall as below.




1) connect the test chamber and computer, turn power on (test chamber 380V 50Hz, computer 220V 50Hz)

2) run crush control software and voltage acquisition software

3) crush control software


There is 5 buttons on the top line:


Manage lead to:


Setting lead to:


Force-Elong – to display Force and Displacement curve

Force-Time – to display force curve

Eong-Time – to display elongation curve

Multi-Graph – to display multi-graph

TestResult – to display, save and print test result


Crush test action and speed can adjust on right side




4) acquisition software

Double click software, launch voltage acquisition system


File option leads to:

New …– create new test file

Open – open exist test file

Setting – test parameters setting

Export – export test data

Quit – exit software

Control option leads to:

Voltage calibrate… - software calibration

Start – voltage acquisition start work

Stop – voltage acquisition stop work


Following 9 corresponding buttons:


1 – New…

2 – Open

3 – Export

4 – Delete

5 – Setting

6 – Voltage calibrate…

7 – Start

8 – Stop

9 – Quit

And language option (English or Chinese)

If we create new test file,


We can set test parameters as required, set acquisition frequency, stop mode, starting mode etc.

Then press button, and.

Back to main page.


5) temperature control system

Temperature is to be controlled on touchscreen.

Can modify and monitor the temperature in monitoring interface on touchscreen. Input required value and save. The chamber will run automatically.





1) This equipment should be placed on level ground or platform, in an environment of room temperature 25±10℃, humidity 50±30%RH.

2) Keep this equipment away from heat or corrosion source.

3) Lock two front wheels when equipment in location.

4) For safety, conduct test with viewing door opened is forbidden. And if not necessary, do not observe test in front of viewing window.

5) Clean: before and after each test clean the chamber outside and inside with clean cotton cloth to keep the instrument neat.

6) Rustproof: Check weather the instrument active parts are functioning properly, put butter on fix rod after each test to keep it work smoothly. Spray anti-rust oil on coating plate and steel structure to proof rusting.

7) Turn power off: turn power off after test; suggest on-power once a month if it will not be used for a long time.

8) If battery on fire or smoke, please exhaust the gas outdoor on time.



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KingPo Technology Development Limited

Kontak Person: Lynette

Tel: +8618826841053

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