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Free Drop Battery Testing Machine , Battery Impact Test Equipment AC220V

Free Drop Battery Testing Machine , Battery Impact Test Equipment AC220V

Free Drop Battery Testing Machine , Battery Impact Test Equipment AC220V

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Place of Origin: china
Nama merek: KingPo
Sertifikasi: iso9001
Model Number: KP-8106

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Harga: To be quoted
Kemasan rincian: paket karton pengaman atau kotak kayu lapis
Waktu pengiriman: 35 hari kerja
Payment Terms: TT
Menyediakan kemampuan: 3 Set Per Bulan
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Detil Deskripsi produk
Voltage: 220V±10%, 50HZ Bar Diameter: 15.8mm or 7.9mm
Drop Weight: 9.1 or 10 Kg Drop Method: Free Drop
Impact Height: 610 or 1000mm Chamber: Free-Stand & Remote Control


Battery Impact Tester



Instruction:Put the battery on the plane.Put a bar at a diameter of 15.8mm(5.8inch)crosswise on the central positio.Drop a 9.1-10kg object at the height of 610±25mmor1000mm on the sample battery.


Standard basis:UN38.3,SJ/T11169—1998,SJ/T11170—1998,UL1642:1995,UL2054:1997,QC/T 743-2006 ,QC/T 742-2006 QC/T 744-2006 ,GB/T18287-2000,GB 8897.4-2002 ,idt IEC60086-4:2000 IEC62133,etc




1. Object weight:9.1kg±0.1kg or 10kg

2. Impact Height:610±25mmor1000mm,limited rob(used for fixing height test)

3. Height display:adjust through limit with an accuracy of 1mm

4. Impact method:drop the ball vertically from a certain height without tilt and shake

5.Transversal bar:15.8mm(5.8inch)steel bar

6. Packing:silicone foam packing

7. Exhaust fan:Ф120mm 30W,a reserved outlet of external ventilation kort nozzle for connecting larger exhaust machine

8. Door:single door,double-layer door,viewing window,cold handle lock

9. Impact surface:white

10. Power:AC220V

11. Weight:about 200Kg


Structure feature


1. Impact surface:stainless steel

2. Internal:stainless steel

3. External:Cold-rolled painted steel sheet

4. Filling material:glass wool

5. Protection device:the upper and lower limit switch,secure plug(at the bottom of kort nozzle,works when power cuts suddenly)



Usage requirement


Voltage:220V±10%, 50HZ

Environment:allowance:0 ~ 30℃

Performance guarantee:5 ~ 25℃



Rincian kontak
KingPo Technology Development Limited

Kontak Person: Lynette

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