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Hydraulic Battery Testing Machine Battery Test Chamber 150~200kg Penetrability

Hydraulic Battery Testing Machine Battery Test Chamber 150~200kg Penetrability

Hydraulic Battery Testing Machine Battery Test Chamber 150~200kg Penetrability

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Place of Origin: china
Nama merek: KingPo
Sertifikasi: iso9001
Model Number: KP-5068-B

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Harga: To be quoted
Kemasan rincian: paket karton pengaman atau kotak kayu lapis
Waktu pengiriman: 35 hari kerja
Payment Terms: TT
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Steel pin: ф2mm—ф8mm Clamped distance: 200mm
Penetrability: 150~200kg Stroke: 200mm
Driving mode: Hydraulic Clamping mode: Manual


Battery Nail Penetrating Tester(hydraulic)



Test Methods


Test under the temperature of 20℃±5℃.Put a battery along with a thermocouple(Fix its contact point on battery’s large surface) in fume hood.Use a steel pin without erosion and rust,2-8mm in diameter , to penetrate the central location of battery’s largest surface in 10mm/s-40mm/s.Keep at arbitrary time.

Standard:UL1642:2008,UL2054:2008,GB/T18287-2000,UN38.3 , ICE62133, QC/T 743-2006, QC/T 744-2006.




1. Steel pin:ф2mm—ф8mm and high temperature resistant Tungstem,100mm in length,each 2 pieces.

2. Distance between needle to bottom:panel for placing a battery:200mm

3. Clamped distance:200mm

4. Penetrating speed:penetrate into it perpendicular to the accumulator plate in 10—40mm/s(Pin stops in the accumulator plate).

5. Penetrability:150~200kg(maximum 200kg);

6. Power display:Pressure sensor and high precison pressure sensor

7. Stroke:200mm

8. Driving mode:Hydraulic

9. Clamping mode:Manual

10. Cabinet Type:box-type,explosion-proof,fireproof,corrosion resistant and

easy cleaning.

11. explosion-proof cabinet:Internal Material:SUS304#stainless steel

External Material:Cold-rolled steel sheet with baking varnish.4 freely moved

universal pulleys

12. viewing window:toughened glass,size:250*250mm;

13. Exhaust fan:¢120mm, 30W ,on the back side.A reserved outlet for connecting exhaust fan pipe

14. Delay function: 0~ 99H 99S (set freely)

15. Packing:sillicone foam packing,1 piece

16. Power:220V , 50~60HZ,3A,1100W

17. dimension: 70×55×112cm(L×W×H)


Control Mode


1. Independently researched and developed MCU control shows maximal force and freely set up force test and time.Easy to record test datas.

2. Show complete test pressure value to grasp each steps.

3. High precision pressure sensor.Automatically control of closed circuit reaction.Steel pin will be quickly withdrawn after penetrating.


Key accessory list


1. Hydraulic system:Shanghai Sanzheng

2. Pressure sensor:American Suncells high precision sensor

3. Electronic component:Hong Kong AIKS

4. MCU:independently researched and developed GX-318P6 system,acquistion frequency:100 times per second


Standard configuration:a test machine host,2 sets of standard Tungsten

Steel pin specification


ф2mm*100 mm, ф3mm*100 mm, ф4mm*100 mm,ф5mm*100 mm, ф6mm*100 mm, ф7mm*100 mm,ф8mm*100 mm ,each 2 pieces.


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KingPo Technology Development Limited

Kontak Person: Lynette

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