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Military Standard Rain Test Chamber , Rain Test Equipment High Performance

Military Standard Rain Test Chamber , Rain Test Equipment High Performance

    • Military Standard Rain Test Chamber , Rain Test Equipment High Performance
    • Military Standard Rain Test Chamber , Rain Test Equipment High Performance
  • Military Standard Rain Test Chamber , Rain Test Equipment High Performance

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    Place of Origin: China
    Nama merek: KingPo
    Sertifikasi: Calibration Certificate
    Model Number: KP-JBPY-1

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Harga: To be quoted
    Kemasan rincian: paket karton pengaman atau kotak kayu lapis
    Payment Terms: T/T
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    Detil Deskripsi produk
    test bed rotating speed(rpm): 1 ~3 adjustable (Load 300kg)φ1.5m drip tank(mm): 1200X1200MM hole distance 20X20Mm, hole diameter:0.6mm
    spacing between test sample and drip tank: 1300mm spray hole (mm): φ0 .6(drip diameter 0.5-4.5mm)
    spray hole spacing (mm): 20 mm air speed: 18m/s


    Military-standard Rain Tester



    This is used to have performance test on communication electrical product on large vessels under sealed raining environment to check if functions of the equipment and its components can be ensured.The tester adopts scientific design which can vividly simulate water spray in typhoon environment.


    Technical Parameter

    1, internal size(mm):2500×2500×2000(D×W×H)(stainless steel square tube with tempered glass; will be provided by supplier)

    exetnal size(mm)3800X 2800X2700(D×W×H)

    2, test bed rotating speed(rpm):1 ~3 adjustable (Load 300kg)φ1.5m

    3, drip tank(mm):1200X1200MM hole distance 20X20Mm, hole diameter:0.6Mm

    4., spacing between test sample and drip tank:1300MM

    5, spray hole (mm):φ0 .6(drip diameter 0.5-4.5MM)

    6, spray hole spacing (mm):20 MM

    7, Testing time:1-999,999min(adjustable)

    8., air speed:18m/s(water drop is blown at 45°)not shows the air speed

    9, Blower specification:3.5KW,380V (converter adjusts air speed);2 sets

    10, sample temp.:10°higher water of RT

    11, The chamber is made of 304 stainless steel;closure plate and door are made of tempered glass,which is fairly straightforward for observation.

    12, Appropriate sample rack(for placing samples) is equipped to be adjust it speed,square:1000X1000MM

    13, precipitation of water drop:1.7mm/min(10CM/H)

    Drop requirement

    ① drop diameter range:0.5~4.5mm ;

    ② The drop falls uniformly,which makes all the upward surfaces of the samples undergo the dropsduring test

    ③ Drop should have a property to fall with an uniform velocity at a height of 1m and the test lasts over15min

    ④ Nozzle should be grid spray lattice or other interlaced lattice;

    ⑤ The drip tank is a vacuum design with Oxidation Aluminum Alloy and highly rust-proof stainless steel;contact position of spray is stainless steel cone desig.

    ⑥ Drip tray is fixed on the top of water tank,left side of the sample.

    ⑦ The body is made of Aluminum Alloy and stainless steel

    ⑧ Water tank frame:304 stainless steel square tube

    ⑨ Water tank panel:USU304#stainless steel (downwards closure plate has a needle stand of screw hole);

    ⑩ lifting guide rail of water tank:shaped rail,colloidal pulley rail;

    11 drop hole diameter:¢0.6mm

    12 Hole spacing :20mm;

    13 Falling amount:1.7mm/min,user sets parameters( deviation:+0.2mm/min);

    14 Testing time:0-999min (can be set and centralized control).



    Structure Material

    1. Can ensure a required test of samples on the rotary table proceed at four different directions;

    2. Load≥300Kg; sample size ≥φ1500;

    3. Rotation speed range:1~3rpm/min continuously adjustable,automatic operation can be set.

    4. Max. Size of sample:1200mm×1200mm×1000mm;

    5. raining panel size:W1200×D1200×H120mm;

    6. internal size of raining chamber:W2500×D2500×H2000mm;

    7. External size:W3800×D2600×H2700mm;

    8. material:304 stainless steel

    9. internal:304#;

    10. Drip tray:304#;

    11. Rotary table:304#;

    12. Sopport rack:304#;

    13. Chamber door:Double door ,observation window is made of stainless steel square tube with tempered glass;

    14. Fan impeller:aluminium alloy plastic spray material;

    15. Fan:axial-flow fan;

    16. controller:Monitor ,10"color screen and man-machine interface;

    17. operation mode:program controlled operation;single item control operation;

    18. Setting method:touch type(piezoelectricity;

    19. Setting accuracy:time:1s,air speed 1m/s;

    20. Rotation Speed of table:1-3rpm/min;

    21. Portable anemometer,flow meter,water manometer;

    22. Control method:PLC,frenquency converter,stepping motor;

    23. Power:AC380(1±10%)V (50±0.5)Hz Three-phase four-wire+protective earth wire;

    24. max. current of power(A) 45 ,power(KW) 10 ,weight(kg) 1800;

    25. Safety Device:current leakage protector,fan overheatingprotection,over current protection,water shortage protection,etc.



    Partial Accessory List

    Acc. name Brand Specification
    Touch screen MGCE 10 cun; Full Color
    PLC controller XINJIE 14 points; transistor output
    converter Taida 2KW
    temp. controller Taida 45X45MM
    Water pump Lingxiao Pump Industry (stainless steel water pump) 750W
    switching power supply  Mingwei Taiwan 75W
    intermediate relay X4 Omron Japan 14 feets
    air-break switch Schneider France Single phase 32A with leakage current
    spray nozzle(stainless steel needle) Teelogn 0.4MMX5700
    flow meter Wangda 6000L/h
    External shell/ water tank Imported SUS304 stainless steel 1.2MM
    Proximity Switch Yangming Taiwan 24V
    bearing NSK Japan internal φ25MM
    bearing housing Yulong taiwan internal φ25MM
    filter Taisu Zhejiang 5 cun
    drip tray X1.5X1.5M stainless steel304 3.8MM
    sealing rubber Xiangrui Taiwan 4MM
    rotating machine Dongyuan Taiwan 200W
    tempered glass; Domestic 6 mmX5M2
    high-power fan Taiwan φ600MM


    (Note:cun=1/3 decimetre, a unit of length)


    Rincian kontak
    KingPo Technology Development Limited

    Kontak Person: Lynette

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