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IEC60335 Abrasion Resistance Test Machine With Calibration Certificate

IEC60335 Abrasion Resistance Test Machine With Calibration Certificate

IEC60335 Abrasion Resistance Test Machine With Calibration Certificate

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Place of Origin: China
Nama merek: KingPo
Sertifikasi: Calibration Certificate

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Harga: To be quoted
Kemasan rincian: paket karton pengaman atau kotak kayu lapis
Payment Terms: T/T
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Detil Deskripsi produk
Control system: PLC + touch screen Drive mode: Stepper motor-driven
Scratching speed: 0-25mm/s adjustable Testing times: 0-9999times,it can be preset
Scratching distance: Adjustable Working table: 360° rotatable



  • Abrasion Strength Testing Machine Abrasion ResistamceTester

  • Product information


  • The device is used to check abrasion strength of printed circuit boards or the insulating accessible parts of the household appliances. It conforms to the standard requirement of IEC60950 clause and IEC60335-1 clause 21.2.
    This device adopts a hardened steel pin for scratching. The end of the pin is form of a cone having a tip angle of 40°, its tip being rounded and polished, with a radius of 0,25 mm ± 0,02 mm. Scratches are made by drawing the pin along the surface in a plane perpendicular to the conductor edges at a speed of 20 mm/s ± 5 mm/s. The pin is so loaded that the force exerted along its axis is 10 N ± 0,5 N.
    The scratches shall be at least 5 mm apart and at least 5 mm from the edge of the specimen.

  • Scratches are made across five pairs of conducting parts and the intervening separations at points where the separations will be subject to the maximum potential gradient during the tests.

  • Technical parameters:


  • Input voltage 220V/50Hz
    Control system PLC + touch screen
    Drive mode Stepper motor-driven
    Scratching speed 0-25mm/s adjustable
    Testing times 0-9999times,it can be preset
    Scratching distance Adjustable
    Working table 360° rotatable
    Scratching pressure 10N±0.5N. It can be equipped with the weight of 20N to reach the scratching pressure of 30N±0.5N
    Radius of Steel Pin 0.25±0.02mm




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KingPo Technology Development Limited

Kontak Person: Lynette

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